Saturday, 31 January 2015

FI 28,9

Today I have 28,9 annual budgets saved. This means I could live 28,9 years without income (assuming no inflation, no interest and no cost increases). Pension schemes are excluded as I do not have full control. I still work and save one annual budget each year.

The annual budget is not a huge sum. It is a sum that will sustain one person in an expensive country in Europe on the cheap. Very many live on it (and most without a huge financial cushion). I have lived on it for many years. In less expensive countries in Europe, it is a good annual budget.
Today, but possibly not tomorrow. Do not take my advice in any aspect.

Friday, 30 January 2015


Sunny Friday morning and we eat homemade Pastéis de Nata for breakfast.
We sit by the window in the sudden sunshine and pretend that we are in Portugal (although we are not) in the spring (although there is snow outside).
To enhance the experiance I dig out an envelope of powdered sugar from
my last latest vist is Lisbon. It contains acúcar em pó from the famous Mosterio dos Jerónimos where the famous Pastéis de Belém are made.

Thursday, 29 January 2015


Ein Freundkreis entsteht nich von alleen. Ich warte nicht auf andere, ich bin selbst aktiv.
Keeping and having friends is a goal, a target and an important ambition.
Keeing in touch with the people I am honoured to call friends is an ongoing work.
This includes at least one contact every year with the following people:
Fi, U, A&M, Å, Å, Å+S+S, H, H, C and of course Hobitt and Koofoo.
There should be another person on the list but I can not force anybody to be my friend.

So far, there is only two persons in this list that I have not been in touch with this year.
Ein lebendiger Freundeskreis braucht immer wieder neue Impulse.


Turn all hangers back to front and all folded clothes in a separate pile (behind if space) when you put the cleanded clothes into the wardrobe. This will help if you have the ambiton to purge a wardrobe slowly.
It inspires use of what you can see. It also inspires to use what has not been used before.
After a few weeks, or months depending on where you start, you can go through what has not been used. That will be a simpler purge. You can figure out why, and why not, certain pieces of clothing have not been used.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Ich trinke viel Tee, besonders Grünentee. Ich habe gefunden, dass einen Teebeutel ist genug für mehr dann zwei liter heisses Wasser. Das bedeutet, das von einen Beutel, bekomme ich vier bis fünf mal mehr Tee dann früher. Billig, auch für etwas as nicht teuer ist.
Ich trinke mein Grüntee lau. Ich mache mein Tee direkt in einen grossen Krug (2 l), lasse den Teebeutel in den Wasser bleiben und warte bis den Wasser lau ist. Danach trinke ich einen grissen Glas, und giesse mehr heisses Wasser in den Krug. Beim Nachmittag ist dar beinah kein Tee mehr.
Ein bisschen Zucker in den Tee macht Ice Tea. Viel Zucker und Zitrone in den Tee mach Amerikanisches Ice Tea.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015


In my other home, I have no internet. The office is fully equipped, although a litte slow, but it is a good five minute walk away. There are no open hotspots available either.
So, I have no internet in my other home.
In my other home, I have a mobile phone cash card connection. I mostly use the text function.
My phone can log onto the Internet. If and where there is an open wifi-connection.
My phone can handle data and data is provided through the cash card connection.
I can not handle data.
In my other home, I have no internet.
     It is nice to be back in my other home after a week in my other home.

Francais David

Fleur de Lis, Libertė, Marianne, Hercule - tout est une symbol de France.
Hercule de Jaques Louis David (Reconnaitre Marat dans le bain?) avait aussi une symbol de la nouvelle America.
Depui Lynn Hunt (Politics, Culture and Class in the French Revoluton2004, p.103) "...the choice of an imperial eagle, was as one art historian claims, 'obscure, aenigmatical, and far beyond the comprehension of all but the middle- and upper- class gentleman who had invented' it. The eagle was the emblem of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, and it had been taken from a German book of emblems an devices."
Lynn avoir plus de references de la livre original, publicė par example en 1791.


Det finns diskussioner om sparande och avkastning går före avbetalningar och skuldfrihet. För mig handlar det bara om netto-värde. Är jag solvent? Hur mycket har jag tillgång till?
För mig börjar friheten med skuldfriheten. Det öppnar för snabba beslut och för möjlighet till förändringar.
I förra krisen jobbade jag hårt, tjänade mycket pengar och amorterade både huslån och studielån snabbt. Jag är helt skuldfri sedan våren 2010 och det är den verkliga friheten.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015


Time is awalable, money is not.
Therefore, bring a bag for your shopping. If you don't have one, buy a reusable bag
 in the shop. Do this once, and once only.
Does your shop not sell reusable shoppingbags at the check out? Change shop! Now!
Did you forget your shoppingbag? Then you can not go shopping.
Time is awalable, money is not. Go home, get your bag, then go shopping.
I now never forget my shoppingbag.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Clean cleaning

Before you start to clean, make sure your cleaning material are clean.
First thing to clean are therefor the cleang material: buckets, mops, rags, scrubbers as well as the bottles of cleaning liquids. Cleaning becomes easier if what you clean with is cleaner than that you clean.

Der Blaue Reiter

Von all den Blaue Reiters, ist August Macke mein Favorit.
Von die anderen, haben wir zu Zeit 20 Gemälden auf's Wand. Alle Reiters sein nicht da, aber wir haben im Kasten und Schränke Reproduktionen von den folgenden gefunden: Alexej Jawlenski, Gabriele Münter, Robert Delaunay, Vassilj Kandinsky, Jean Bloé Niestlé, Paul Klee, Marianne Werefkin, und natürlich auch Franz Marc. Paul Adolf Seehaus haben wir auch dabei, aber leider gibt er keine Bildern von Heinrich Campendunk, Alfred Kubin oder Elisabeth Epstein in unserem Sammlungen. Arnold Schönbereg hören wir über die Computer.

Den Brücken-Künstleren sind auch organisiert aber dieses Ausstellung is noch nich arrangiert.

Sunday, 18 January 2015


Living abroad is not for everybody. Sometimes not even for me. Living abroad is not a vacation.
Everything difficult, boring and complicated is ten times worse because you do not understand what, how and especially why. Why? Why? Why?
Why are you all so stupid? Leave me alone and only speak to me with words that I understand.

Saturday, 17 January 2015


Ännu en gång har äggklockan gått i golvet. Ännu en gång har jag skruvat isär den. Ännu en gång har jag hittat glappet och skruvat ihop den igen. Ännu en gång har jag tagit bort "reparerbar kökstimer" från önskelistan.

Friday, 16 January 2015


Vandaag kapper thuis. Niet het eten, het is te duur.
Ik knip mijn eigen haar. Goedkoop is ook lekker.