Saturday, 31 January 2015

FI 28,9

Today I have 28,9 annual budgets saved. This means I could live 28,9 years without income (assuming no inflation, no interest and no cost increases). Pension schemes are excluded as I do not have full control. I still work and save one annual budget each year.

The annual budget is not a huge sum. It is a sum that will sustain one person in an expensive country in Europe on the cheap. Very many live on it (and most without a huge financial cushion). I have lived on it for many years. In less expensive countries in Europe, it is a good annual budget.
Today, but possibly not tomorrow. Do not take my advice in any aspect.


  1. Hur många kronor är en sån där årsbudget på...:)

  2. Each persons annual budget is dependent on each persons personal choices and not really generally relevant, so I will not divulge this information.