Friday, 6 February 2015


"The protestant historians claim that [it] was invented by the Catholics, and that [it] was apochryohal. We ourselves consider that it was authentic. Failing the mystique of the Sacrament, which they rejected, the mystery of the Blood of France, to which they remained attached, was reconized by the Hugenots, which allowed the more fanatical mong them to defend as legitimate the dethronement of the Valois, who, having prostituted themselves to Babylon, had bevome unworthy of reining. This should never be forgotten [and Condé hoped to take advantage of it.]"
Jean Heretier Catherine de' Medici Libraire Arthème Fayard 1959/George Allen and Unwin 1963

One person using the royal we to enhance a personal religious opinion, masquerading as an objective historian.

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