Thursday, 12 February 2015


I have always cared for my clothes. I probably learned it from home and it is something that comes easily.
I hang all laundry neatly and use many plastic hangers. All socks are smoothed and hung straight over the line. Each piece is positioned to dry as straight as possibly. All trousers, also jeans, are dried hanging on a hanger. I have always folded all laundry directly out of a tumble dryer, one garment at the time. Dry laundry is folded and put away at the same time, except what needs ironing or mending (or both). 
Everything that needs to be ironed, both wet and dry, is hung on a red hanger. The red hangers are only used for un-ironed garments.
Everything with a rip or a tear is mended before ironing. 
All garments are ironed at the same time and then placed on a normal (black) hanger. 
Everything is put back in the wardrobe neatly.
All the above is almost true.

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