Thursday, 26 February 2015


We spend around €400 a month on food for two.
But this is not a food budget, let me call it a Food & co. budget.
The sum actually includes almost everything. At least everything that is bought for both of us.
Food, wine, toilet paper, cleaning, utensils, even some hygiene products. 
Shared fun is included, also dinner, drinks or coffee out.
Cost for private hygiene such as shampoo for me, bath oil for the man and our lenses are not included. Nor do we share costs for things that are only done alone, such as sports.

Travels together usually has their own cost calculations but we do share equally what we do together then too. Each eat what they want (we usually eat off each others plates anyway).

Private sweets are not included if they are bought to be eaten alone. This works for us. I can eat gravlax and salmiak dropjes when I am home alone and he will have just as many beers as he pleases when he goes out with friend. Although actually more often the other way around.
He spends all the rest of his money as he pleases and so do I.
And I do.
Oh man, do I spend it.

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