Wednesday, 25 February 2015


Two broken heating systems in one day. I am almost impressed by my own ability.
To be fair, one of them has probably never worked and the other is only leaking.

My rented office room is not making me happy. We have given notice and I'll be out in a month.
The difficulty to find something new made me reconsider and thinking that I should probably stay.
Half a day of the neighbours chitter-chatter and the unapologetic information that there will be no heating in the office made me leave. Unfortunately I was in such bad mood that I ruined my own evening.

In the home office I noticed leaking water. Hurrah for rentals. They will be coming in a few days to fix it. If the leaking increases, just call and help will come at once.
I will add Keep an eye on office radiator to the daily office task sheet.

An odd however very suitable alternative for a new office out of house has presented itself.
It has heating.
As of now.

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