Monday, 2 February 2015

February jewellery

February is the month for the annual use and inventory of everything in my jewellery box.
Right now I have 6 pair of earrings (not counting the funny ones), 3 long necklaces, 7 short necklaces, 8 pendants, 8 bracelets and 4 brooches (plus the Christmas brooch). I also have a nest of stings and leather straps for the pendants but no chain. (I have a 60 cm gold chain on my wish list but I never seem to want it enough.) I wear my ring and my watch every day.

There are still pieces left that I do not wear and that hold pure sentimental value. Family valuables not included. However, it has been quite a journey.
2010 was the first time I had this target in February.

I got my first box for anything jewellery in 2008. I bought it in Shanghai and it was the prettiest thing ever. The silk was not acid-free and all silver oxidised. 2011 I bought a bettered replacement in a second hand shop for three euros. It lasted until 2013 when I cleared again and tried to fit thing into two boxes that just were too small. 2014 everything moved into a lockable box my father made me in the early1970s. With adaptions, the tray from the previous box was fitted with the cushions from a ring holder I got for my birthday 2013 and included in the current box. The rest was tossed.

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