Monday, 23 February 2015


I live across the street from a food shop. It belongs to a chain (or is a frachaise of a chain?) of food shops. There are many more in town. We like this one the least. It targets clients with a different lifestyle than ours.

This week, starting today Monday, we start the challenge. No shopping in that chain of 
shops for one week, ending the following week Monday. We have stocked up a little, although by going shopping an another supermarket. We are also allowed to shop in any other shop belonging to any other chain than this one. We will aim to shop in the independent shops (oh yeah, there are plenty of other shops). However, the primary target is to change our shopping patterns.

The room mate used to go shopping before every meal, every meal, every day. I have had days when I've been there three times in a day. It is time for change.

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