Thursday, 19 February 2015


So be without.

So your sunglasses broke.
If you were a parent, you would have said: Now we have to buy you a new pair.
Possibley adding the scolding: You have to take better care of your things.

As a child you would hear the message that you will get an exciting new pair of sunglasses if you break the boring old ones immediately.

Do you treat yourself as a child? That is an expensive lifestyle.

Be without when you break them. Take the consequences of your actions. Take the chance to learn a lesson to take better care of your ghings. Take ghe chance to give yourself some time to regret not taking better care of your things.

No sunglasses? That is to bad. This is your time to change, to find a substitute. Use an umbrella instead. Wear a cap! Dig out the od pair of sunglasses from five years ago that you barely remembere that you have. Do they look stupid? Well, you broke your sunglasses. Take the consequences...

Buy a new pair? Of course you can do that - Write it on your Wish List. Wait 30 days. Evaluate if you really have to, really need them. (Although, if you have an old pair, you probably do not really Need them even if you want a new pair.)
Would you buy a new pair? They are fragile after all. Perhaps €2 is what you should spend and not more. You just proved that you apparently break your things and you should not spend more money on this kind of product.
Or be without? Or break all rules and buy what you really really want and then hold on go them for ag least ten years (2€ a year for ten years is still only €20 and you may change your style in that time, even if you do not break them. Look at those old, ugly ones? How much did you spend on those? How long ago was that? What is the annual cost for them?)
Maybe you just want and not need and tomorrow you will do fine without them.
At least wait until tomorrow to start looking for a new pair.

As of 2015, I still have that €2 impulse buy of sunglasses from 2011 when the new country and the new lifestyle showed that I really needed a pair, not only wanted them.

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