Wednesday, 1 April 2015


The assignment for April, each April every year, it to go through all camping, sports and summer equipment. Weather is changing in my part of the world and for me this is the time to get ready. 
I am outside more in spring and summer time than in winter and fall. Now is the time to go through everything. 
This includes the following:
- Air the sleeping bags, all of them. If you don’t want to air it – do you really want that sleeping bag?
- Open, check, test and repack everything.

I once went on the first camping weekend with somebody who had not done this. He had brought his food storage from the year before. Including the cheese and the butter. He could have some of my food but he had to keep his things far away from mine. It smelled foul.

- Take a long walk in each of your hiking boots to make sure they still fit you and have not been damaged during the winter storage.
- Check the heals of all your hiking socks. Nothing will ruin a hike or a camping trip as much as poor socks. I remember the couple I met in 2007, two days into a long hike. They were walking back to base because neither had walkable socks any more. (Well, their tent had broken too but they came back because of the socks.)
- Find a lawn to put your tent up and check everything. Even if you have to be laughed at in the park, this has to be done before going anywhere.

As always, count and inventory everything related to camping, sports and summer equipment.

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