Thursday, 12 March 2015


Extra bedding - but how much do you have?

You probably never need more than three sets of bedding – and in most cases less than that.
One set of sheets, covers and pillow-cases are in your bed, another set is waiting clean in the drawer. If you often have difficult access to laundry or accidents in bed, you may need a third set (the one in the laundry basket).
You also need a cover and a pillow and possibly also a winter blanket to supplement for the cold season if you have seasonal changes.
Find the two (or three depending on your needs) worst sets of bedding that you own. Put all others away in “Storage”. (Storage is out of sight but remember to air it at least once every year.)
Use the two sets until you really can not bear to use it any more – this of course includes dying them if the colour is annoying but the fabric is still good and having done all and any necessary repairs. Remember that what you have is free. You can probably make yourself use the two bad sets for up to a year more if they had normal use to them from the beginning.

When you are really at the point of wanting to buy bedding – take out your storage. Go shopping for free in your storage and pick any two sets of bedding you want.
Get rid of the old bedding (meaning use it for something else) and put the rest of the bedding back into “Storage”.
Repeat until Storage is empty. Then you put Bedding on your wish list for things to get or buy during the year.
2015 my storage is empty. There will be need for a sheet in the next year or so but I have no specific needs.

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