Monday, 16 March 2015


Marc Chagall made glass windows for churches, cathedrals and other important buildings.
I know about the following:
Saint Stephens Cathedral, Metz
Église Notre Dame de Toute Grâce du plateau d'Assy
Notre Dame, reims
Frauenmünster, Zürich
St. Stephan, Mainz
United Nations building, New York
Pocantico Hill, New York
All Saints Tudeley, Kent
Hebrew University, Jerusalem
I have seen three and I have currently a picture of one of them on my wall.
Maybe there are even more?

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  1. My wife loves Chagall. If this is the same man as the artist, we have a print in our living room of one of his works. It's blue, with flowers. At the bottom is a horse and at the top, a woman. I don't care much for art. We lived in Italy from 1982-185, and my wife dragged me all over Europe to art galleries. I prefer military museums.