Sunday, 15 March 2015


I have five coats of which one is a warm winter jacket. I also have a rain jacket.

Today I cleaned the winter coat, sewed all damaged threads and made some necessary repairs. I have also cleaned out all velcro fastenings.

In total I have six outer wear covering four seasons. I know that I last year had days when the rain jacket was not performing to the needs caused by the weather.. It is a high quality, low weight bought at least seven years ago. I have been looking for something new and securer but nothing really attracts me. I have not even put a rain jacket on the wish list yet.

I may be forced to buy something quickly if the camping plans suddenly materialise but I will take that risk. I think we still have some stuff left from impregnating the old tent. I will see if I can use that to improve the jacket I already have and love.

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