Monday, 30 March 2015


In 2011 I owned a lot of cutlery. Indeed, I often had people over for dinner but I owned a ridiculous amount of cutlery.
For one person, in a one person apartment, it really was a ridiculous amount of cutlery.
Look at this picture from 2011:
Besides what is on the picture, I also owned 8 nice knifes, forks and spoons as well, in another a fully equipped kitchen. At the time of the picture, that was in another country. Unfortunately I do not know how much cutlery there is in the picture, but it is more than I have now.

Now 2015, those 8 knife, forks and spoons are still the basis of my limited home kitchen. They are some named brand, chosen by me when I was young and added to over many years. I still also own the picnic set pictured. Other than that, and although three houses has merged into one kitchen in a third country, we own less but still a lot.

Currently we own the following cutlery:
- 15 spoons (including the one that by accident got brought home from a clients office - long story),
- 19 forks and
- 18 knifes.
This is not including the picnic set nor our camping spoons. They are all similarly looking although not completely matching.

For two persons who rarely have sit-down dinners with lots of friends any more, this is A LOT.
Actually, I think we do not think we even can seat more than 8 people in chairs and really no more than six at a table so why do we have cutlery for 15-18 persons?

Anyway, we do not have to do dishes for a few days if we not need to. We do all dishes by hand and quite regularly (it is a good thing to do when talking over the day). However, it is nice to be able to cook and know that there is always another spoon in the drawer for tasting or stirring. We can also serve a lot of tapas before we run out of forks.

So, anyhow, we own them, there is space in the kitchen drawer for them and there is nothing irritating about any of them - so we keep them. At least we will never need to buy plastic cutlery for any larger gatherings so that is possibly a saving.

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