Tuesday, 10 March 2015


Grocery shopping has become easier and easier for us. We have established a rhythm and a food routine. In average we spend around or less 400 € for two a month with almost all non-fixed household costs included. This is not ERE-extreme in any way but it is also not a food-budget per se. It includes all items for the household and all food costs including everything we eat out of the house together.

We are trying to avoid the franchise shop across the street.
The eco-market is nice but too exclusive. The cheap market is a bit dodgy as to where the food comes from.
Instead we buy large quantities of rice of different sorts (5 kg bags) from the Turkish butcher.
We also buy large amounts of onions, potatoes and garlic in the good veggie-shop together with other seasonal vegetables.
Using a shopping list, we take the bikes and go shopping for larger amounts of food  in the cheap supermarket about monthly (or when the need shopping list is long). We are good at shopping sensibly, especially when we do it together. We do most things very well together.
We have a small fridge and an even smaller freezer. We stock two weeks of fresh food at the most and we eat less and less meat, then usually beef.

When there is food in the house, cooking is easy.
My speciality is to make a meal from an almost empty cupboard. (I learnt to cook in the student club and in the hostel.) The man can cook anything perfectly, as long as he has a recipe and a sous-chef to clean around him.
We save all left-overs, always brings lunch-boxes for work and pic-nicks or snacks whenever we go out.
There is no dishwasher in our apartment and even though we merged three kitchens in the last years, we still have space in the two top and two bottom cupboards that are available.
We can still cut the costs with increased attention but all in all, I think we have this one covered.

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