Sunday, 15 March 2015


Mobile phone costs come in many shapes and forms today.
1995-2012 all my mobile phone cost were paid by my job. Also the private calls. i tried to talk about it bit it was cheaper just to pay the whole thing. I was on the road most of the time anyway so the private calls would have been expences.

The last year I finally acquired a private number, which i promptly forgot and had to get a few new ones until I wrote it on the phone.
2013 I bought the cheapest dual sim-card phone I could find on the market. This is my third phone since 1995. (The two first were from Nokia.)

2014 I learned to use open wi-fi networks. I still need to learn how to use data but then, since I still have the phone numbers written on the phone, maybe I am not ready. I have an old Ipad for reading and surfing on open wifi's.

I spend less than €10 a month for the cash-only private card. The other is paid by work but since that is almost not used, the cost is low.
I sit by the computer and use email and Skype to communicate with everybody. I plan ahead when I travel, I go with the flow and the phone is more for emergencies than anything.
But this is me, I know I am an odd fish in the mobile sea.
It is cheap though.

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