Wednesday, 25 March 2015


The most effective option to save money on clothing clearly is not to buy any, hence this is what I would recommend.

I have probably not bought more than singular items of clothing since 2008. On the other hand, then I had very much clothes. Socks and underwear as well as some hiking shirts, that is all I can remember at the moment to have bought since then. Oh, yes, and a lovely coat in 2014 that I love but hardly wear. That taught me again not to buy clothes on a whim. It does not work in the long run!!! (Note to self, not a general advice.)

Before you ask -No, of course not. My clothes do not look like new, nor do I fit into everything any longer. Nor does everything fit me any longer. My life and my life style has changed drastically since then. Instead of daily, I now wear a suit twice a year, maybe. And it is not for work.

However, I have worn only some of my clothes from 2008. When an individual item just is not working any more, I go shopping in my storage where everything I have too much of, is kept. I do not get rid of fully functioning, fitting, fairly OK clothes that I already own. There is nothing wrong with anything that is in storage and some is really nice. I may take it for that special day when I feel like I want it, but it goes back afterwards. 
It does indeed have its advantages to have a personal style that is quite consistent. 

I care for my clothes, mend everything quickly, count and inventory annually and re-sew when need be.
I laundry as rarely as I can get away with and since I for a long time have bought the best of the cheapest, the pieces do keep quite a long time. I do not use a tumble dryer, everything is always hung and air-dried.

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