Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Going car free is not a problem for me.

I live in Europe where public transport exists.
I pay to live close to the community that serves me , instead of paying less for housing and more for travelling to services; this is the choice I made and continue to make everyday but it might change)
I walk and cycle everywhere, sometimes even for fun without a destination.
I bus, train and plane everywhere outside the cyclable area
I have and use backpacks and bike bags to bring stuff with me, also for food shopping.
I pack smart and light when I travel (If I can not carry it, I can not bring it; Food shopping is also done with this principle. Or I go twice to the shop, walking and cycling each time.)

I have only ever owned one car on my own and that beloved car is no more. The Magpie lasted me three years 2004-2007. She was an expensive toy; my monthly costs went sky high. Parking, gas, insurabce, tickets, repairs etc. I also always worried about her; would anybody scratch her or brak a window. However, she served me well and tought me to drive safely in crazy traffic situations. She went to the certified car scrapper when I was posted abroad.

These days I do not get much driving or training. Probably once or twice a year in a rented van or weekend car. Very few of my friends have cars so there is a social acceptance about adjusting plans to public transportation, times and costs. The price of gas is also so high in Europe and parking so difficult that it is usually not worth driving compared to taking the train (or not going to where there is no public transport).

But yes, if I could have a free car with a guaranteed parking space, I would probably drive every day just as a hobby. Environmental concerns aside. I love driving; the Magpie taught me well.

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