Sunday, 1 March 2015


I have worn a lot more jewellery this February than I normally do.
I have emptied and sorted my jewellery box(es). (Valuables have been put aside with family heirlooms in a separate box.)
All has been looked at and re-evaluated.
I have discarded one measly pair of earrings. I like them but not to wear. Maybe they can become a present. They are put in the your-time-will-come pile.
The rest has been worn, although some only briefly (and not the Christmas-brooch).

I suppose that is as good as it got with last months task. That it will have to be the result of the task.
Next year, maybe I am ready to make a separate box for items I wear and one for items I do not wear but can not get rid of, even if they are not valuable. 
Ah, next year...

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