Saturday, 28 March 2015


The annual sorting of hygiene, medical and make-up products eliminated only one old tube of rash-cream.
We share a narrow shelf in the shower room for tooth brushing things, shower creams and shampoo's. We both have our own, even toothpaste, and share nothing of this.
We both however need new toothbrushes.

In my wardrobe we each have a box for this stuff, one that we share and I have a larger medical box tucked in behind (this could probably become the shared box in the future). The man has a storage box in his walk-in closet.

The man is sensitive to perfume and I get to inherit products that he can not use any longer. On the other hand, I have had to get rid of all my perfumes. They were all rash-triggers unfortunately. It is a bit sad, although nothing else I normally use seem to be a problem. The less perfumed things I use, the safer it is though. Not that I really mind, I am not much for the smelly stuff. I have moved all perfumed products to my small apartment that is my real home.

Make-up is a sad chapter these days. I don't have much, wear even less and feel that I should do something about it. It has been two years since my last mascara and I think I want one again. I have put it on the wish list. I do dye my eyelashes and eyebrows and have regularly since 1988 when I was shown how to use the home-kit. I am quite fair but with ruddy cheeks and without defined eyebrows and eyelashes, I think I look quite pale.

Anyway, the result of the inventory was that I will attempt to use up as much of the products as possible (except deodorants, soaps and medications which are in storage). The plan is to buy all new at around the same time to know how old everything is. However, it will be the need for face- and skin cream that decides the date.

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