Tuesday, 24 March 2015


We have six kitchen knifes for cutting.
That does not include the two miserable weak existences that we eliminated last week but it does include my exceptional Japanese knifes. Sometime around 2005, I was given two nice knifes from my then job as a Christmas gift. They are too good to rumble around in a kitchen drawer so they have lived in their box ever since. Consequently, they have been used very sporadic ans usually only for nice Asian-style cooking. I have hand-washed them carefully and immediately after each use.
Today they are almost as new - and sharp.

To make the knifes more readily available and to use them more, they needed to be kept in something more convenient. Together with the other knifes as well as the also almost unused fish knife, nothing looked good or fitted our needs in the kitchen. Nor our price tag which of course was set at nothing.

So we crafted a knife holder out of fabric covered cardboard. It is made to fit each individual knife.
It can be hung on the wall but it can also be leaned against something so it can be placed anywhere. The man did the sewing, both by machine as well as hand sewing.

We now can enjoy all the knifes we already have (and easily practise the fine art of cutting).

How many knifes do you have for cutting in your kitchen?

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