Sunday, 1 March 2015


This is the task for March.
Go though all clothes in the wardrobe. Take out each item, touch it, shake it - do you want it?
Try it on. If it fits, hang it back, fold it up back into the wardrobe.

Pack all clothes that does not fit in the "your time will come" box. If you don't think that there will e any time to come for this piece of clothing, you really do not need to box it.

Count and inventory all remaining items in your wardrobe. If you have at least 14 tops and less than 14 bottoms left, you do not need to do anything more.

Do you have a lot more than two weeks worth of clothes? Keep the 14 shabbiest and most worn items available in your wardrobe. Take all remaining over-stock and hide them in an over-stock pile. I call this my storage. (Now I just put them behind on the same shelf, out of sight, or even just on another shelf. I just to have a lot more over-stock but it has been reduced over the years of buy-bans and use.)

Now use everything left in the wardrobe before the end of the year - yes, year, but make sure you do it. There are many methods go keep track of that but that is not the task of today.

Is anything to shabby to wear? Discard. There may be something in your over-stock pile if you need go replace it, but that is also not the task of today.
Is there something you really do not want to wear although there is nothing really wrong with it? Put it in the "your time will come" box for later.
This is all you have to do this month.
Wear all of the 14 items twice or cull even more.

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