Wednesday, 1 April 2015


I still have a lot of clothes but the amounts in storage are slowly being reduced.
The inventory of clothes during March reveals the following:

Nederdelar: 3 jeans, 3 vandringsbyxor, 4 korta, 4 fula kontorsbyxor och 4 fina, 4 sommarbyxor och 2 kjolar.
Klänning: 2 sommat, 2 vinter
Jackor: 4 sommar och vinter, 1 regn, 1 snö och 1 mocka.
Kavajer: 5 kontor (identiska), 3 speciella
Top: 14 fula (inklusive band t-shirts, fotbollströjor och funktions tröjor), 12 bomull, 25 hängande (inklusive 4 vita sjortor, men mest sommar)
Tröjor: 11 tunna tröjor, 7 tjocka (framför allt fleece)
Pyjamas: 5 byxor (inklusive träningsbyxor), 5 tops sommar och vinter.

In total I have 126 pieces of clothing, not counting underwear, shoes or accessories.
It will still last me a good year or two. The suede jacket will probably be sold.
I do however need another pair of jeans as two are already mended. I have put jeans on
the wish list and will start looking in September.
I am half-way through the task of using all clothes and there might be need for some more additions and replacements in 2016.

Sorry about the language mix-up but I think everybody gets the gist.

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