Saturday, 21 March 2015


I have impregnated my beloved rain jacket from 2007. Only a loose seam has been mended in all years. But after long hikes both north and south, it just does not keep the rain out any longer.

Impregnation has been used. All instructions have been followed to the fullest. All waiting times adhered too and all rules complied with.
It looks a little greasy, as if I spilled milk over the black jacket. I am sure it will come out ans as looking as it keeps rain out and still breathes, I do not care.

Testing in the shower awaits. (Of course not rain expected today of all days.)

Later in the day of course it rained. A long walk became an exciting test and trial. The milky look disappeared. Sadly I am not satisfied with the task of keeping rain out.
So now I have a good wind and dripple jacket and have started the hunt for a replacement (meaning it has been placed on the wish list)

(edit: the rain jacket was eventually bought in September 2015 and this item is now off my wish list).

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