Thursday, 26 March 2015


So far I have the following conditions for the rain jacket replacement I want:
- Solid discrete colour (NO neon's and no contrasting zippers) (Test question: Can I go into a fancy French country side restaurant with a backpack and not feel like I just came from the gym?)
- Preferably no logo or at least nothing visible
- Light-weight (less than 300 gr but certainly less than 500 gr)- Must pack into its own pocket
- Suitable to wear while carrying a backpack (unfortunately this eliminates most golf clothes)
And last, not least - be a regular light weight jacket, with room to fit fleece and at least two shirts under.
- Did I mention not costing over €200? Preferably, but this is the least important.
What else? Oh right
- Keep rain out when hiking regardless of wind or amount of water.

However, I have been using the current rain jacket this week and it is great (besides not being durable enough for heavy or long rain, it does do its jobs for normal days) so maybe the next jacket can be quite minimalistic.

Ahhh, the difficulty of buying things.

(edit: the rain jacket was eventually bought in September 2015 and this item is now off my wish list).

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