Monday, 23 March 2015


When I die, I am going to go straight to heaven
And you’re going to ask me why.
Did I pray enough? No.
Did I share enough? Not really.
Was I humble enough? Definitely not.
So what makes you so sure that you are going straight to heaven, you ask me.
And I will tell you: Because I told the truth.

Humanity seems to be divided into two categories. People trying to be good and people trying to be bad.
But personally, I don’t know what’s so much different. Because if you spend your whole life as a saint, eventually you will crave the opposite. And the filth will appear as an oasis in the desert.
But if you’ll spend your life in the gutter, sooner or later you will be searching for wisdom. Like a pig sniffing for truffles.
If you want to reach the sky, fuck a duck and learn to fly.

I’ve traveled the world looking for lovers of ultimate beauty
I am a Wonderlust King! I stay on the run (The run!)
Let me out. Let me be gone but never settled in

Eugene Hutz, Filth and Wisdom/Gogol Bordello

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