Thursday, 12 March 2015


We went to Switzerland for the weekend. After all costs were calculated and exchanged it turns out that the trip miraculously stayed under budget.
The budget was set by a money-present we received from a relative to do something nice with. It was large enough to have a very nice long exclusive vacation somewhere very nice. But we decided to go to Switzerland. One of the most expensive countries in the world! There were a number of things we wanted to see and they were only to be seen in Switzerland.
So we booked the cheapest flight we could find to our favourite airport. We did it four months in advance in order to catch the perfect combination of art exhibitions.
Then the Swiss currency went sky high and the entire trip was placed on maybe.
The currency came down a little and with a budget on free money to do things we really wanted to do, we decided to go ahead with the trip and to try and keep it cheap.

We booked a small self-catering apartment/hotel room for three nights in another town than the one  we flew into. The combination of towns gave us flexibility and opportunity to see even more things. The trains in Switzerland are not especially cheap but they run on time and everywhere and every day.
The small kitchen made us keep the food budget low even if the hotel cost was not the cheapest alternative. Location was within walking distance to the city centre. We brought breakfast and coffee from home as well as a few camping dinners for emergencies. After an adventure with some bad chicken we ended up buyin food in the shop and then eating at home most evenings (It is not really worth going to a restaurant to order plain boiled rice and green tea.) This also kept the food costs down.
Entrance fees were paid and souvenirs were limited to postcards. Nothing was bought but we saw a lot of cool things and places.

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  1. My wife liked Interlaken (did I spell it right) and we went there on leave frequently. She bought a clock for our mantle piece (it turned out not to be swiss, but west german, which was ok) and I bought a Galilean thermometer which sits today on my desk in my study. I remember the very blue river that ran though it, almost like Turquoise.