Saturday, 4 April 2015


Bags are items used to carry other items in, usually clothes and personal effects for travels or moving about daily with.

I currently have the following items that can be used for this purpose:
2 trunks (one good but enormous bought 2014 for moving, one old from early 2000 about 50 litres)
1 weekend trunk (in sad state but still alive, bought Madrid 2008)
1 red overnight bag (hand held only (no shoulder strap) never in use, to get rid off)
1 collapsible nylon bag
1 hiking backpack (55 litres)
1 hiking backpack (25 litres, probably bought 1995, now in use more and more)
1 collapsible backpack (20 litres, bought Scotland 2005)
1 messenger bag (used daily, bought 2008, and will probably need a replacement in 2016)
1 nice leather-like shoulder bag (never use, to get rid off)
1 small black handbag, backpack style (bought early 1990s, perfect for going out, looking nice)
1 1960s clutch in silk (it used to be my mothers and it is lovely)
2 clothes bags (drawstring)
1 banana bag (fanny pack)
5 wallets (3 not in use, kept in for sentimental reasons and just in case of...)
7 large open carrying bag (strong shopping bags style)
1 nylon daily shopping bag
2-3 cloth shopping bags (used for storage)
3 computer skins
Bicycle bags (gifted me in 2014 and they are perfect)
One large bucket filled with rolled up free plastic bags (shopping bags) in various sizes, used for recycling, pick-nicks, single-trips etc.

I expect to need a new messenger bag in 2016 and I already have very, very specific requirements for that replacement bag.


  1. Väskor alltså. Egentligen tänker jag att jag säkert klarat mig bra med typ tre olika men så inbillar jag mig att det är så bra med olika storlekar och att "eftersom jag använder alla behöver jag alla". Man är bra på att hitta på ursäkter till att behålla alla sina saker ändå...

    1. Ajaj, huvudet på spiken! Och om jag inte kan slita ut några, kanske jag kan göra mig av med någon genom att sluta använda den?