Tuesday, 14 April 2015


I joined both the cheap month challenge (snålmånaden) and the wear few items of clothing challange (klädutmaningen). I like having set tasks for myself.

So far it is going well.

I have spent in total just below 50 €, excluding the cost for a doctors appointent following a visit to the physio-therapist for my shoulder, a previously planned dental care visit and the cost for a weekend trip to see the family.
It helps to that I have had my debit card cancelled and my bank are being complete €%&#s about providing a replacement card. ("Temporary technical problems, we are so sorry.").
At least I have managed to sell some stuff which provided some available cash. No money will become available until at least the end of this bank-working week so I will eat everything available in the apartment. Thank goodness for this country to have kept the bottle deposit system so that a few cents can be added to the food budget every day. (I usually manage to find something with a deposit on it walking home from work.)

It is also easy to use the same clothes every day while living out of a single bag. It has been about ten days now, and I do not need anything. I found a t-shirt or two in the apartment where I am currently staying but I have no yet worn them but I will, if I feel something really exciting needs to be added to my life (one of them are for my favourite football team so we are not talking about anything really spectacular).
The office is casual, I am casual and the weather is seriously poor so I am in a perfect position to go through the month with just the content of my bag. Living abroad is not always glamorous.

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