Thursday, 2 April 2015


Tomorrow it is time for a new country again. Normally I do not mind, I even like the change.
This time it is not really a new country, I have been there before and I speak the language. Maybe that is why I am unmotivated. It is not new and exciting.
There is an apartment with everything I need, an office, colleagues and even friends and family. What more do I need?
Maybe I am also unmotivated because my shoulder still hurts and by next week I need to go and see a doctor. That will be "interesting" to say the least.
Maybe the weather is the problem too. I am going to northern Europe and there is still winter there.
Maybe I am unmotivated because I am going on my own - and this is a famous first. I do not think I have ever travelled comfortably with anybody before but it will be strange to go without the man.
I have enough to do though to pass the time, but I fear becoming passive and complacent on my own.

Maybe I just do not want to work, travel or experience new things right now. Maybe the strong grip the sofa has had on me the last few weeks must be broken. I will probably be fine once I get there.
The best thing with few possessions and a small wardrobe is that I can pack tonight and leave tomorrow.
The bag is ready.

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