Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Get engaged and find what motivates you.
When you are not to be working any longer, and you have no boss other obligations to motivate you to get going in the morning  - What are you going to do then? How are you going to identify yourself when you have no work title, no business card and nobody cares about your academic degree?

What are the tasks that makes you loose time? Where are the places where you forget yourself? What do you do when you have unreserved fun or limitless peace?
Even if it is watching TV, then that is what engages you.

Find, and list those things. 
This is where your engagement should be. It could even be at work, although not necessarily work tasks.
Do you prefer to chat with Janet about your children in the coffee corner? Can your for hours look up information about speaker cables? Are you a runner, sailor, cyclist and does it make you happy while you do it? Are you at your best in new places and unknown territory? Do you prefer to know where to go before you get there?
You may think that you will want to do nothing when you become financially independent and do not have to work for money daily. Depending on your current stress level, that will be fun for about one week to three months. After that, you will get involved (alternatively self-destructive, but unless you won your money on the lottery, probably not).

Get involved in something that makes you happy. Do not just manage your money, unless money really interests you (Although in that case, isn't it better to play with other peoples money, aka have a job?) Find yourself, find your motivation, get involved and engaged.
And while you work towards financial independence - find your true motivation. Whatever you think, it is probably not to drinking piña colada on a white beach, but perhaps it can be found in the orphanage in the village next to it?
It is time to work towards your true motivation too. Time to start thinking what qualifications  you will need in the next phase of your life.

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  1. I'm retired. I live in the middle of a deep forest, on a mountain. I have no neighbors. My wife and I are content. She still teaches children with learning disabilities. I was an accountant for an oil and gas company for twenty years, and in the Marines for 14 years before that. Now I have no boss, as you say. Sometimes I am happy, sometimes I get a bit bored, but it is better than having to say "yes , massah," to some jerk. I like being retired.