Thursday, 23 April 2015


If you are car free, you will still have to get around locally.
Feet and bicycle will take you a long way (longer the better the weather and the more time you have available).

However, sometimes it is necessary to use local transportation, if not at least to the train station or airport.
Unless your live in a place where local transports have been completely eliminated, there is usually something, like it or not.
Figure out what is available, where it runs from locally, how it travels and how you can pay for it.
Know what each trip costs, look into discounts and different pre-paid systems.

If you use local transports daily, take a deep hard look into the cost for each trip.
How many of them can be eliminated to increase your savings?

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  1. If I were car free here, I'd starve to death. It's almost twenty miles to the nearest town.