Sunday, 5 April 2015


I have not used mascara for a long time and I have not even owned a mascara for at least the last two years.
However, I think I will want one again soon.

The mascara must be waterproof, and not only say it but also mean it. Seriously! No smudging or leaking or flaking or running around my eyes. I would rather be without than have that happen.
Preferably it should also be me-proof. I do touch my face more today than I used to when I wore make-up every day and I know I will smudge it the first thing I do. Unless it really is touch-proof.

The mascara also should be brown-black, but black will work too.

It should be some what cheap, because I know I will never use it up until it is time to throw it out again. (Has anybody ever heard of anybody who ever used up a mascara before it started to stink or just became old? Ever?)

But those are all my requirements I think.
I am not too concerned about extensions and fibres and any other miracles promised. I do have good, long lashes on my own. I do wear lenses daily but I have never been bothered by the mascara more than when not wearing lenses.
Now, where in the jungle of make-up can such an item be bought?

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