Tuesday, 28 April 2015


I plan most of my purchases very carefully.

I expect to need a new messenger bag in 2016, replacing the one I currently have.
There is already an extensive list of requirements for that bag.
It must be black with no details, logos or decorations.
It must have a wide, adjustable and sturdy over the shoulder strap attached to the bag with sturdy break-resistant loops or fastenings. It must be made out of water resistant sturdy fabric. It must have an internal zipped closing and at least one, preferably several internal pockets of which one must be large enough for my passport.

The bag must also be large enough to carry both computer and lunch-box at the same time (it will then be large enough for all my uses). It also should be reasonably priced and not ridiculously expensive; preferably it should be less than €15 (even better if it is less than €10?)

Although that may be all the requirements, I already know how difficult it is to find bags like this, especially without logos. I may have to keep my eyes open for a replacement bag soon so that I have it in place when the current bag snuffs it.

The current bag was bought as an emergency replacement in an ethnic market in Brussels, probably around 2008 for a few euros and I have used it constantly ever since. It got better and better with each year (and smaller computer models as it is possibly on the smallest side possible) but it is breaking in the bottom and ... and ...
Maybe I should just try to do some serious repair work on it first so I can defer the replacement bag another year or two?

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