Wednesday, 20 May 2015


If you do not struggle with removing things from your life, think if it can be used for something else or to practise developing skills with it, before you remove it through the trash collection
HOWEVER, if you have a hard time tossing, this advice is not for you. Move on, keep on removing and do not think twice about it. Next item.

What did I do? Detachable handles on a broken bag became a necklace for a special event. Then they went on another bag where the original handles were frayed and broken.
A broken umbrella had the fabric removed and was used to sew a wash-bag.
An empty jam jar (several actually) was filled with recycled old candle wax with a piece of string (bought especially in a hobby shop) and became a present. One for them, three for us.
It may not save you a lot of money or even any, because what you make may not really be needed.
But I usually have fun, I figure out how things work and I develop skills. I may also get something new for myself which brightens up my day (this can be an enormously important part of a frugal lifestyle) even if they do not stay as possessions for a longer time. 
While doing things, I use my hands and do not watch the telly (and definitely do a lot less eating).

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