Tuesday, 12 May 2015


I have over 550 university credits (Erasmus style credits). I admit, I collect education.

I am fortunate enough to have access to free (oui, gratuit) and unlimited (oui, unlimité) university education in my mother's language. Most are also available through different electronic, on-line, web-based and distance learning platforms, and administrated through the regular universities. These university courses are commonly also without scheduled lectures (usually pre- or post-recorded) and the teachers and professors are readily available though a range of electronic mail-boxes and chat-rooms.

I graduated university 1994 (1995?) but as I was commuting far with public transport for the first years, I did a few extra courses to take my mind of work. Off and on over the years, mostly off, I did some shorter courses. In 2005 I started looking into what really made me happy while I was doing it, and I realised I liked the life of a student. During these years my work life was crazy, but I did do language courses in the summer and diploma courses in German and French (not at university level though).

I admit, I am not a normal reader or intellectual. I do want to do my test and to get my diploma.
I have a special binder for them and I have collected every certificate since my first swim test.

In 2010 when my work life went from crazy to impossible, I stopped sleeping. My solution was to go to my happy place and I registered for a university course. I would read the books, do the exercises and write my papers during the sleepless hours in the night. It made me feel accomplished and I survived those gruesome years.

Although my life has changed dramatically since 2010, I have stayed with the university courses. All have not been great, and all university teaches have not been worth while meeting. However, in 2012 I realised that I had a Bachelor of Arts within my reach.

Today I have handed in my final thesis (72 pages, and I am not unhappy). There is now only a small theory course left to do, and then I can add another diploma from a top European university to my stash. (Not that it matters, nobody will see it on any resume.)

I feel very grateful but also very relaxed and happy. This is what I do when I do not work.

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