Tuesday, 19 May 2015


By connecting your stuff with your neigbours, you get access to not only more stuff, you also get a local network that can help you with the stuff.

This could of course cover tools, cars, books, DVDs and other stuff but possibly also other utensils. Even houses? Half a summer house anybody? We share an asparagus pot with a friend, it is usually only used a few times a year but it is almost irreplaceable then.

Also connect your stuff by giving it away. Be ready to lend long term (give stuff away). Be open to opportunities to put anything you own and do not necessarily need into the hands of somebody who uses it more than you do. You could give it with the condition that you can come and borrow it if needed.

I lent my old friends a very nice rug in 1999 when they moved into their new and empty house to keep the echo and cold down. (Yes, and I then completely forgot about it until I bought myself a house three years later. By then the rug had become firmly loved by children and cats. Pre-loved is great, however very emphatically loved items better stay where they are.) I got a rug instead from the previous house owner simply by asking about it.

Otherwise, I am not good at connecting my stuff, and certainly not with my neighbour's. This is something I could work on. I am not even good at being connected with my neighbour/s. I find usable things in their trash, but that is it.

The purpose of this task is of course to continue the task of decluttering, to get rid of the unnessessay, to value to possessions and to manage the existing.
Things are also a costly thing to have. You have to pay rent (or mortgage) to house your items and at that point the items own you, rather than the other way around. You are also not free to move around easily should you wish.
I used to have an entire room filled with Billy book cases, extra high, all completely crammed with books. It was me, my pride and joy and my most cherished possessions.

Today, through change and progress, I only own 12 shelves of books. To compare, approximately one Billy book case (possibly with a half-high pile on the side).
I love these books, they are my pride and joy and I try to make myself re-read them regularly.
(In my mind, f you do not want to re-read the books you own, it is a sign that you can start giving them away. (or throw away if you are a heart-less bastard with no soul.) Personal opinion of course.)

What do you have that you have connected with your neighbour? What should I be able to be connected with through my neighours?
EDIT: I just realised, I do have a very intense arrangement where I share my office, not with my neighbour, but with a complete stranger. 

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