Monday, 11 May 2015


Free things are actually only gratis if you only take what you need.
- Always answer the internal question: What am I going to use it for?
- Only accept presents that you would have wanted to get for yourself.
- Only take usable free products or samples, if you then use them.
- Decline or cancel if possible free samples or presents that are not useful.
Actively recommend companies that you use to give you the choice between a free gift or a discount and then always chose the discount. 
- Only accept hand-outs on the street when you know what it is. Do not accept it to throw it way. If you are given something that you don’t want – walk back and hand it back. 
- Do not take a pen that you are offered for free if you don’t want it. Perhaps you don’t want it because you already have several pens, perhaps even better than this pen?
- Cancel advertisement and say yes only to useful things. If you need paper to use as a fire-starter, accept paper advertisement in your letter box.

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