Monday, 4 May 2015


My neighbours put out five paint buckets for the trash collection. After years in the waste sector (literally and figuratively) I could not resist it. I lifted the top one and realised it was still half full with white, high quality water-based wall and ceiling paint. Score! Just what I needed. I brought it home with excitement.

I opened all my boxes of tools and repair things and found a paint roller handle, an old paint roller (used but cleaned) and a small paint brush (likewise used but cleaned). I found no paint tray but I figured that if I was careful, I could paint straight out of the bucket.

I could, I did and I am so proud of myself.
I now have a gleaming white walk-in-closet. (To be fair, it is the kind of walk-in where you have to be thin and hold your arms along your body, not turn around and most certainly do not walk too far before you back out again). Did I mention it also holds my fridge? Anyway, I now have a gleaming white closet. All previous nuances of green poorly covered by the cheapest not-quite-covering paint available that was used for the previous owner's work in there, is but a memory.

It looks fabulous, there is no paint on the floor (water based paint comes off easily if wiped quickly) and I did it myself. (Well, yes, I have painted my way through a five room house several times so I should know what I am doing.)

The most fascinating thing was that the cost for the entire project was 0.
A big fat 0 cost for Project: Closet.
And I still have the roller handle, the roller and the brush nicely cleaned and tucked away for the next project that comes up.

There was of course not quite enough paint to cover the last wall but I think the neighbours will be doing more renovations, and I am ready.

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