Tuesday, 12 May 2015


Grow you own food

When trying to set out to grow you own food, it is important that you note all costs for the project. If you grow you own food with the ambition of saving money and being frugal, the costs are essential. If you grown your own food for other reasons, be clear about what those reasons are.

Mass-production is often more efficient. Grow what works for you and where you will get at substantial harvest. Buy or trade with somebody else who can grow the other things you need

Growing herbs is often most cost efficient if you are substituting the home grown variety for store bought fresh herbs. They are less cost efficient if you are not using fresh herbs now and may not use the herbs you end up growing.

Don’t calculate a price for your work growing your own food, especially if you are using hours that you otherwise would have used for watching TV or reading free newspapers. 

I am not a gardener; I am the daughter of a gardener and the grandchild of farmers. The man however is a keen potterer, in the sense of using pots and as well as not quite finishing things. 
Two years ago I introduced growing herbs as a substitute for buying expensive packages of domestic herbs. This year we will be self sufficient on parsley, sage and chives. Yeah for self sufficiency.
Potatoes and plums from our own tree are also grown on the balcony.
Ruccola (rocket salad), peppers, broccoli, strawberries and leek are attempted this year and the ruccola is already on the menu. 
We may not be able to eat even one single meal out of our own produce but we are slowly learning more and more.

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