Friday, 15 May 2015


I would not have minded if this text was written about me.

But it isn't - it is a text by Thorkild Hansen, the Danish author, about Queen Margrethe of Denmark:

   "long, wonderful woman, who just cannot contain herself and cannot remain quiet. Difficult to shock, but easy to hurt, obliging but totally with out a trace of coquettishness, soon in conversation with people, and with a direct glance serious and then cheerful, again with a quick response. She seems honest, unaffected, direct, very social, often self-ironic with a tendency toward sarcasm. She is protective and authoritarian at the same time, anything but familiar but more influenced by family than most. And under that maternal air the stirring of restlessness, a vehemence, an intellect, a searching for answers."

All I can aim is to make myself worthy of a similar description.

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