Wednesday, 27 May 2015


I have, I think, only one brand identification. It is Levis 501.
I am going to have to deal with this soon.

I have a new pair of jeans on my wish list. I plan to start looking for them after the summer.
Delaying buys gives me the opportunity to use up all other alternatives. I have a number of raggy trousers for summer wear. Besides, I mostly wear shorts anyway in summer. It also gives me the possibility to plan and to organise.

The main question is: Do I want to buy Levis 501 just because my early 20's me decided that that was who I was then? Am I still a Levis girl; a biker, hiker, cowboy, rocker, a regular raggedy cool chick in jeans and attitude? At 47? Four sizes bigger than in 1988? Since Levis has changed its identity dramatically during the last 30 years, maybe I should too? 

I will be in jeans forever and I will never ever ever wear blue jeans. But do I want to stick with the brand?
What I do know however is that jeans are needed and at those jeans have to be black, dyed black, with no visible stitching.
They must have a 36" inseam.
They must fit and fit nicely.
Preferably, they should not be €100. Preferably I should get five pairs for that amount of money. Probably, that will not happen.

My last pair was bought in Brussels 2008. Full price and yet another waist size larger (damn hors d'oeuvre's). They have a faulty thread over the knee that I am trying to pretend is ok. What will 2015 bring? Is it worth it?

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