Tuesday, 5 May 2015


For May, the monthly task is focused on the kitchen. 
First of all: Clean every cupboard in your kitchen. That means that you will have to empty every shelf in every cupboard. One at a time but all of them. 
Only put back into the cupboard items you have used during the year, items that work,  are clean (cleaned) and of good quality. 

Put all questionable items in your “on the way out” box, your gift box or your charity store box depending on where you are in your mental process for each item. Be sure that this process includes everybody else in your house using the kitchen. (If you are the only one using the kitchen and you do not live alone, you may want to put aside some relationship discussion time in your house, but then hey, that is my opinion.)

Anyway... Trash all nicked porcelain and cracked cups. 
Recycle if you have more than twenty plastic containers to store food in for each person in the house. 
Get rid of anything you don’t understand how it works or don't know what it does (and neither does anybody else in your house.)
Cook with everything you own and do not want to give away. Use all those fancy items that nothing else can replace. You don't want to use it? Well - get rid of it then. (This is why we have sushi, fried Camembert, home made ice cream, cake, fondue (especially cheese but bouillon too) and other delights at least once a year. Usually in May.)

I force motivate the cooking man of the house to go through all cupboards with me every year. Every year I attempt to get rid of the champagne glasses (he does not like champagne and I have no class). Every year he wins and they stay. Each year I also question the espresso cups. We still have espresso cups. I do get to remove chipped china, although he does not see the point of it, but since most is now restaurant grade white very chip-resistant china, very little chips. Plurals of items we actually use, get to stay. I mostly rely on breakage to reduce the amount of stuff in the kitchen, but then nothing really gets added these days either.

This task is also a good preparation to start the process of eating out the kitchen and the freezer. We do this in the weeks before we go on vacation, as we always turn of the fridge/freezer when we are gone.

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