Thursday, 7 May 2015


Pack list 2013 has been tried and tested on long and short camping trips in Norway, France, Germany and the Netherlands. It has also been used to pack for trips to Sweden and Switzerland. We have been on foot or with bikes.
We put the tent in one backpack (60 l) while the cooker and the food go in the other (50 l). Each person carries personal items and water. When going alone, all does fit into one backpack with a small water-proof attachment on the outside. For our equipment, our packs weigh well below 15 kg each (including weight of backpack), usually down to 11 kg without water. For clothes the system is Pack 2, Wear 1; this is enough once into the rhythm of camping. Warmer clothes are used if in colder climate but we do not bring more, as change of clothes is less needed.
Bring long sleeves and trousers for warmer climates, it keeps you cool in the heat. 

Backpack or bicycle bags
Sleeping bag and sleeping mattress
Cooker contains pot/s, gas burner, grip, lighter, scrubber, washing liquid, drying cloth, gas adaptor, and repair kit plus eating bowl, spoon and drinking cup (all fits inside cooker pots with strap)
Repair kit contains needle, thread, metal thread
Gas canister if not flying
Water bottle system
Day pack Seating pad
Large Garbage bag (the lightest lifesaving item for wet camping, also tarp for inside tent if needed)

Shoes walking + shower sandals
Trousers (long + short) Rain trousers Belt
Tops (short and long sleeved) all quick dry
Warm sweater
Rain jacket
Pyjama top and bottom (double as long underwear)
Underwear (non-white) + bra (all quick dry, no cotton)
Bathing suit (also to use as emergency underwear)
Hat (warm and/or cold, make sure you can sleep in it) Gloves Silk scarf (also used as second towel)
Compression bag for clothes

Hair elastic Hairbrush (if you have hair)
Toilet paper (or paper hankies) Soap Deodorant Skin cream Sun cream Bug-bite-anti-itch-cream (skip the bug spray, dress properly instead; try it though on skin before you go)
Toothbrush Toothpaste Shampoo Clothes washing liquid (for wool/cold water)
Silk towel Plastic bag inside Toiletry compression bag
Sunglasses Nail file Tweezers Earplugs

Notebook Pen Book Maps Dictionary (?)
Mobile phone Charger Flash light
Knife (not in hand luggage if flying)
Small clothe pins (use tent lines as laundry line)
Lots of good quality woven duct tape (Always bring as much, as much, as you can carry)
Mini first aid kit contains Blister plasters Antihistamines Ibuprofen Lip balm
Lenses Lens box Fluid and possibly mini-mirror (if seeing is needed)

Food bag containing Porridge with salt, Instant coffee, Sugar, Knäckebröd, dry food and if feeling luxurious, a can of Lentils Cuisine

Wallet with money stuff (water proof)
Passport with travel stuff (water proof)

That is it. Now go! Be safe.
This is also the report from the April-Sport challenge.

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