Saturday, 16 May 2015


The art of making sushi

Making sushi takes a little time but requires very few ingredients, all quite cheap. The best result is created when the sushi is made in harmony. (I do not know why, but if you argue with me while I make sushi it will not be good.)
Time and harmony - maybe this is the recipe for most projects in life.

Sushi is one of the cheapest party food you can make.
4 dl of round kernel rice feeds four persons with style (and puts two in sushi coma).

Here is the process.

Rinse 4 dl of rice (do this in a sieve or even better in a pan so dirt and starch floats out with the new clean water comes in)
Let it sit in water for at least an hour (you want it to be white and loose its translucence)
Pour all liquid out (use sieve, don't loose your rice down the drain)
Add 5 dl of water (a little more is better than a little too little)
Heat it up until boiling, put lid on and reduce heat.
Keep under lid on low heat for about four minutes. Use your timer. Do not forget, pay attention!
Do not lift the lid!
Turn the heating off completely (remove the pan from the stove if not gas or induction).
Do not lift the lid!
Use your timer but ok if you forget it just for a while. Not long though.

Make sushi marinade (for 4 dl rice): 2 table spoons white sugar,  1 teaspoon salt (or less), 6 table spoons rice vinegar (or apple cider or white wine vinegar it you are not fussy - not white vinegar!). Slowly stir to dissolve, or heat quickly. I do it cold in a small mortar.

When finished, pour out the steaming rice n a ceramic pan (or plastic or anything that is not metal). Pour your sushi marinade over it. Poke it randomly but carefully with plastic or wooden spatula.
Put a clean towel over it and go and do something else for at least half an hour. Use your timer.

You now have sushi rice.
Put the raw fish, omelet, cucumber, nori sheets, gari flakes in, on or next to it.
Do not taste the rice (you may end up eating just the rice, and that is just a little weird. But only just - it is so delicious.)
Roll it in nori, squeeze it with salmon on top or eat it as it is as sashimi. 

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