Sunday, 31 May 2015


How long do you wait?

If you are Jewish, living in Castile in 1483, how long after orthodox Catholicism and the inquisition have been introduced, do you wait for improvement before you leave? And where do you go?
How long after 1933 if you are living in Germany and you are Jewish, gay, politically leftist or in any other way not living up to Aryan expectations, how long do you wait before you leave? And where do you go?
How long do you, as my office landlord, wait for the recovery of your business after its financial viability has run out before you start making changes? And what changes do you make?

What is the bottom line and where do you reach your limit? When can you not stand it any longer and when is enough, enough? 
What else has to happen in the workplace, in the relationship, in the country, the house, the car before you decide to chuck it and get out?

When do you reach your goal? How much money do you have to have saved to go get a different lifestyle? When does frugality become a lifestyle and not only means for a future, far future in the unknown? Are your safety requirements in your decision making holding you back? 
Who me?

Don't be the frog in the pot enjoying the tepid water. It can get hot very quickly. Good and bad!
Get ready and know where to to.


  1. Replies
    1. Hum didi dum humhum didi dum - exercise your right not to walk to the drum.

  2. Good advice, but get out while you are young. Much more difficult when you are older.

  3. Benefit of being older is that the successes are made and there is less left to prove.

  4. When the time comes you just sort of know and you walk away and another door opens.