Thursday, 7 May 2015


I have a large amount of money in my monthly budget for weekend trips.
The ambition is to do at least one weekend trip every second month on average during the year. The man does not come along for all of these trips. The budget for each month is about €200 per person. Some trips are only over the day, some are for weeks and involves foreign travels (however usually not very far).

So far 2015 I have done 8 trips, but some are trips within trips, as I've been four weeks in another country. 2014 there were 16 trips, including six weeks in one country and a three week hiking-camping vacation. 2013 was a strange year and we managed 8 trips.

(Yes, I do keep track otherwise I will start feeling trapped and start breaking out, clawing the walls, packing up and going to South America. This is a much better way to keep my wander lust in check)

To assimilate in this place I have promised to visit all regions and this weekend we are off again.
I have been bribed and will uncomplainingly attend (and behave) at a wedding. It will also be the years first proper camping vacation (alas, we have no van like a Trekker I know and as we are somewhat old, we do only three season camping).

The weather forecast is rain and thunderstorms but after last years camping trip we fear nothing. (How can anybody have had such back luck with the weather as we did 2014? However the broken tent pole made it even more adventurous than the frequent catastrophe warnings made it out to be, but we were always safe, mostly well fed and occasionally dry. And we are not buying new tent. The pole is repaired and we trust the tent with our ... down sleeping bags.)

The total cost for the weekend trip including travels will end around €100 per person. 

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