Sunday, 21 June 2015


Peel carrots and cut length-wise so they have somewhat the same thickness.
(Brush potatoes if you need carbs too.)
Put one layer on the bottom of a pan. Add fish bouillon, ginger and/or garlic.
Pour hot water over the whole thing almost covering the carrots.
Bring to boil, make sure the the bouillon cube dissolves.
Put lid on and put the timer on ten minutes. The heat should be medium (not storm boiling).
(If you need carbs, boil potatoes - you know how to, right?)
When timer rings (put the timer on your neckline or at least bring it with you if you leave the kitchen) - put some pieces of frozen fish on top of the carrots. You do not need to thaw it. (This is why there should not be too much water as you do not want the fish into the water. The fish is to be steamed.)Salt and pepper if need be.
Put the lid back on, and the timer for another five minutes.
When timer goes of, carefully, with a spatula, turn the fish over (unless it is already completely white - then eat).

If the fish is not completely white all the way through, put lid back on, and timer on, for another few minutes.
When timer goes off, spatula up the fish and the carrots onto plates. (If on a diet to increase your weight, add a tea-spoon of butter to the leftover sauce.) Taste the sauce, taste again and add salt, pepper or something else you might like. You probably will not need to add salt.

Pour sauce over fish and carrots on plate..
If you need your carbs, add the potatoes and peal them on the plate, they should be ready now too. Mash the potatoes with the sauce on the plate (unless you eat with people you want to impress).

Save any left over sauce - it is too good to rinse down the drain.

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