Sunday, 7 June 2015


I mostly rely on breakage to reduce the amount of stuff in the kitchen, but then nothing really gets added these days either.

I felt so bad that I hadn't paid more attention to my May challenge of cleaning, clearing and possibly making an inventory of kitchen equipment. 
                                      And then of course - voilà - the kitchen clears itself.

Look at the crack - not the burnt chicken fat in the bottom (we had chicken wings for dinner last night watching tensely the UEFA Cup Final -Viva Barçelona! - and warmed the leftovers for lunch today.) 
I will claim that it was not my fault, but I was cooking and I was stupid. 

The man's best soufflé form - ruined, destroyed, beyond repair. He would have torn his hair if he had had any while he wailed his unhappiness. Until I reminded him that we have no less than seven other forms of different shapes and forms that could go in the oven. 
- But they are not soufflé forms! 
- When did you last make soufflé? 
- It is not thaaaat long ago. Last year at least. (Read this and add soufflé!) 
- I promise that next time when you start looking for soufflé recipes, I will personally go to the second hand shop and buy you a new one. Ok?
That was ok.
And that is the story about how we reduce the amount of stuff in the kitchen.


  1. It is good to clear things out. I got rid of almost everything two years ago. Now I have to buy some of the things again, but I go to the secondhand shops, like you say. I prefer not to have too many possessions now, I feel free.

  2. You are entirely a woman of my own kind! It is a relaxing thought to know that I could pack up and leave in a few days if I wanted to or had to.