Tuesday, 30 June 2015

FI at least 28,82

The stock markets in Europe are dropping as stones and my monthly assessment of my financial situation is not improved by my new financial manager is not able to give access to all my funds.
Fuck you Avanza!

The good news is still that calculating my financial independence number (the low budget I live on divided by the amount of assets I have) still enables me to live this current life style for at least 28,82 years. There may be assets available for up to another annual budget, but I will not know that until the middle of next month as I can not see the value of all my funds right now.
Fuck you Avanza!

I am still very aware of how fortunate I am. I will think about it while sitting in my tent eating my food bought at a French market to which I have walked, hopefully while it has not rained too much.

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